What's included in my consultation
Step 1 – Application
You fill out the form, providing a list of the skincare products you use, your skincare regime, and high-quality photos of your skin
Step 2 – Briefing

We arrange a meeting (online, or in person) during which I ask you some questions, and you can explain me what aesthetic problems bother you and share your expectations for the results of skincare

Step 3 – Analysis
I analyze a list of cosmetic products that you use to check if they address your skin problems, so I can eliminate products that don't help or even harm your skin
Step 4 – Improvement
Based on all the information you provided, I will either improve your current skincare routine or create a completely new one that targets your specific skin problems and needs
Step 5 – Presentation
We meet online and I provide you with my recommendations and a PDF file containing your customized skincare routine, and additionally I answer any questions you have about skincare
Step 6 – Support
We stay in touch for 30 more days, during which I provide online support through messaging to ensure that your skincare routine is effective and delivers the desired results
Price now: €50

The results of my clients
In these clinical cases my clients only used skincare products I recommended.
No professional treatment was provided.
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Benefits of a personal consultation with me
  • Professional advice
    I know cosmetic chemistry well and can help you identify what ingredients would work best for your skin to solve any aesthetic problems that bother you
  • Personalized approach
    As a dermatologist and cosmetologist, I select products not only based on your skin type, but also on your allergies and any skin diseases you may have
  • Saving money
    I can choose products that fit your budget while still being effective, so you won't have to spend money on expensive procedures

From our first conversation I knew I was dealing with someone serious. I showed her my sunscreen and she knew each of the ingredients, what they're used for, and what their pros and cons were. She listened to my needs, wants, and budget and worked with me to create a routine that would fit me. Best of all - I didn't need to do this research and I KNOW that my routine now is 100% optimized to my needs because I have confidence in Anastasia.

Working with her was also very convenient - we had one meeting for which she had prepared questions, she listened to whatever I had to say, and after a few days she already had a guide with my routine prepared - including which products specifically I should get to fit my budget and skin type. I had some further questions which she promptly answered.

I KNOW that with Anastasia I saved myself a lot of time, stress, money, and wrinkles! 11/10 recommended!

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